Katya Borisova


Katya is a creative producer and organizer working at the intersection of social sciences, art, and activism. She is interested in new materialism, decolonization strategies, and the potential of art to imagine and create better worlds.

Janne Kromhout


Janne is a maker and researcher of sartorial matters. She explores possible alternative to the system of set seasons, new collections, unconscious consumption, and waste that is currently mainstream in fashion. She is especially interested in emotional durability of garments. Janne teaches fashion design at HKU and AMFI with the focus on sustainability.

Roos Korderijnk

PR & communication

Roos is an activist and connector. She studies Communication and Information Science at the Utrecht University and works with several sustainable initiatives, including the Slow Fashion Movement. She is interested in the power of popular media to shape social norms and values and in their potential to promote such ideas as sustainability, inclusivity and (mental) health.

Lucie Chaptal / We Made Together

Collective mapping

Lucie is an artist, mender, ecological activist and a creative connector. Her socially engaged projects are often focused on practices of care, such as repair and mending. They are motivated by ecofeminist ideas and the exploration of paths towards ecological transition.